Concrete follies, sofa shopping, and reality TV

March 2021

Home upgrades for the non-committal; magazines are the new magazines

February 2021

Knock knock, who's there?

December 2020

Bringing it home

November 2020

Lukewarm gossip and holiday shopping

October 2020

Table talk
A programming note for anyone expecting this newsletter at a regular cadence: I hazily recall promising a bimonthly missive on Saturday mornings, but…

September 2020

Paradise in peril

August 2020

This week, I’m skipping the links and heading straight to my bookshelf for summer reading recs. Plus a humble request for you, dear reader: I’ll soon be…

July 2020

Greetings from foggy Berkeley, California, where my family and I have been since June. Turns out it’s hard to hit a regular newsletter cadence when…

June 2020

This newsletter was conceived in a different frame of mind, one in which I was thinking about how to keep opining about home, architecture, and design…

May 2020

"In these uncertain times"